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Spinal AVM any advice would really be appreciated


Hi I’ve joined this group in the hope of some advice any is welcome.
My partner has been diagnosed today with a spinal AvM I believe mid back area.
The doctor said that is very rare and that if left in treated will result in him being paraplegic.
It started 8 months ago and we have been back a forth to the doctors who have dismissed it as sciatica,we went privately to get this diagnosis.
The doctor is referring him to a specialist in Nottingham to get treated urgently.Has anyone got any information on the process or results after treatment and the types of treatment?Im really worried and want to provide the best support I can.
At the moment the symptoms are getting worse rapidly to the point that he can not walk and in pain.It just effecting him waist down.He has been given crutches for now to assist him.

Stories,advice ect would really help.



Hi Daniella, Nottingham and Sheffield seem to be the places to go in England for AVM Treatment and specialists, These are great places so I’m sure he will be just fine :slight_smile: , Now with any operation or medical procedure there are risks, For example they tell you about the risks for an Angiogram scan (Stroke) But I have had many of these and been fine everytime, These warnings are really more to cover the doctors, But they are all fantastic at there jobs :slight_smile: , Have faith an trust in them and he will be just fine :slight_smile: , If you wish to ask this question to the community then its best to post a new discussion which is how we communicate the most this discussion will post on the main page and all members can comment on it. We also have a spinal AVM group you could join if you wish here : http://www.avmsurvivors.org/group/spinalavf

Take care :slight_smile: