What questions should I be asking?

My first doctors apt is on thursday. It's with the neurosurgeon and it's prep for a craniotomy. I have a few of my own questions but I'm not really sure what I should be asking?

Ask everything and anything you have on your mind...no matter how stupid you may think it is....its your life here so be positive, pray and go in 100 miles with no turning back....God bless, you are in my prayers

I found a recent and EXCELLENT thread @ http://www.avmsurvivors.org/forum/topics/questions-for-my-neurosurgeon.
All the best to you on your upcoming surgery & recovery!

Hi Samantha, the list that Patti found is a great start for you and like Adrian said, ask any question that comes to mind - don't hesitate at all cuz if you do, you'll be sitting at home saying, I should have asked that question! I've been keeping a journal with all my questions that came to mind so that when I am in front of my doctors; I don't forget :)! My thoughts and prayers are with you & please do keep us posted!


Hoping all goes well on Thursday! Bring someone with you if you can, because it helps you get all your questions asked and to catch as much detail as you can in the answers. Definitely bring a notebook, because you'll want to look over your notes later.