We have a date!


Hi guys
We have a date for Sophia 16th August admitted and procedure embolization will be preformed on the 17th please keep my girl in your thoughts and prayers feel a bit sick but happy we finally have a date I hope my girls ok :two_hearts::raised_hands:t4::pray:




Embolisation is not the scariest thing on the planet, I promise you. Its scary when you don’t know anything about it (and I was just like you and your daughter last March time) but I got through it just fine and so will she. It can take it out of you more than you think but its an eminently doable thing. It really is.

She will be quite sore afterwards and quite headachy but should be OK to go home after a couple of days. Paracetamol will be her friend for a couple of weeks.

Hoping the best for you all!



Hi Richard
Just had a call the receptionist got her dates mixed up so it’s the 16th September she will go in then September 17th the procedure they are going to try and reduce the flow through the avm and if successful she may be able to have srs. However if the blood flow is not significantly reduced they will surgically remove it the same time I just hope the venous pouches stay intact

Thank you Richard your very kind


That’s a nasty mistake but looking on the bright side, it gives you time to chat here and get more comfortable as to what it is all about.

Both the embolization and SRS are eminently doable. Its going to be just fine.

Very best wishes



Praying all goes well