Vision Loss

Hey Everyone,
My partner has an AVM on her right temporo-occipital lobe and is scheduled for surgery in a months time, she has already lost her left peripheral vision in both eyes and wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience to this pre surgery and if there was any chance of the vision recovering post surgery?
If not, how have many adapted with these lifestyle changes, she finds it hard to read and not allowed to drive, this has taken a bit of a toll on her mentally.

I lost some upper left peripheral vision which was closely monitored. Eye doc said after surgery it would not get worse & a possibity of improving. Surgeon said in my case it would not get worse but woukd not improve. Surgery was 7/2018. Eye doc still checks routinely-mine is stable. I can still drive but I find myself tilting my head back to see better

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Yeah my partner finds her self tilting her head all the time to accommodate. I hope all is well, Thanks for sharing!

I lost some on my left side after my emergency surgery . The ophthalmologist told me to use my head more. I move my head more when I’m driving well at all times than I did before my AVM surgery

I had some blurriness after rupture, and nerve pain like sciatica. I was told I had low magnesium. I took 400mg of liquid magnesium into 4 ounces of dark chocolate almond silk, and my vision cleared up. I rubbed my back and legs with magnesium lotion and the pain disappeared. I have been on magnesium since then. My AVM is in the vision center, it has been embolized. It is inoperable. I have 20/20 and 20/15 vision at 47. I still retain my DL and am currently evaluated annually by the DPS of Oklahoma. Get your magnesium checked, it’s known to be deficient with AVM. God Bless.

Hi I lost quite a bit of peripheral vision after my 4th embolization, right before my craniotomy in 2010. It’s never got better but after initially being told I’d never drive again, I was tested and ‘just’ passed the peripheral vision test at my local optician, thankfully! As I say it’s never got better as it was nerve damage (I think) from them poking around but I just learned to live with it and it doesn’t stop me reading. Everyone is different though.

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I lost my right peripheral vision after my AVM rupture. I’ve had to deal with it for a long time. It’s not horrible but it’s say more of a annoyance. Say for instance when at the movies I sit on the right side so I can see the screen full.