Very weird feeling of this year skipping by me

In the first week of January, I had a follow up MRI and a few weeks later, was in an ambulance after my husband stopped at a fire station to get me help after i couldnt breathe. One thing after the other leading to my surgery March 1 , in Arizona, 2000 miles away from where i live, the inpatient rehab stay, the coming back home, the recovery at home, and now the long term fixing the bleed/surgery deficits...
To me, all of this feels like it all happened in a week haha I know I was out of it for some of it and lost some memory, but most of it I was fully aware of! I cant beleive its almost May, the kids have 4 weeks of school left and it feel like it was JUST the middle of school!! I am SO messed up with time! I counted this morning and though "we are 5 months into 2013!" yet i feel like its still January. Its such a weird feeling to feel this way!!

No point to this discussion haha i just had to share my "awe" moment.

I know the feeling! I have absolutely no concept of time. I have no idea if this is because 2 years ago I had "lost" a couple moments of time and have not recalibrated or if it is because of some sort of residual side effect from the bleed and/or crani. It's just not a good feeling. Especially when you get excited because your show is "coming on tonight!" and your husband tells you that was 2 days ago or 2 days from now. Just no idea...afternoon feels like morning, night time feels like afternoon. I still think it's's totally not.

ahhh glad to see I am not alone!! I always think its still winter too and snow/boot season is coming hahaha