Update. duo's and don't for recovery at home?

I’ve officially been home for about 5 hours. Still trying to recovery. But the Dr’s said the rupture was minable. Loss of left eye sight is still gone. Hope for it to return. I go back for a follow up on the 4th. Fear has started to set in a little bit. But I’m now not being left alone at least not for a while. I have to give a great big thank you to this site and all the kind and amazing things. You are the change this world needs. If anyone has anything they did during recovery that helped me pain, headaches, muscle weakness anything I’m all for hearing it. Thank you all once again

Fantastic that you are home! The beginning is not easy, but things will get better. Stay Strong & Positive, Teah!

I’m trying I feel very bad for my children and my parents cause I’ve been useless lately.

I know, Teah...it isn't easy...but you need rest to heal. Hang in there!

Hi Teah. Not useless…you still have lots of love to offer your family! Give your body. Chance to heal! Positive thoughts heading your way!

Welcome home, Teah!

I applaud you posting this update, Teah, and yay for the minimal rupture. I echo my fellow moderators and recommend you get much needed rest. You will be a better parent and daughter when you are stronger.

Hi Teah - It's great to hear that you are home. LIke Louisa said, the beginning part of the recovery is quite tough. Just rest now, don't rush the recovery, and try to be patient with yourself. Sending you the best of wishes in your recovery and in your journey. *Hugs*

Teah, It is great that you are home. I was rushed into the emergency room the night before I was to leave for vacation in June of this year. The doctor came into my room and said it could be one of 2 issues, a brain tumor or an AVM. Not knowing what an AVM was and knowing what a tumor is I said to myself please be the AVM not the Tumor. Needless to say since I am on this site it is an AVM. I had a bleed and was in the ICU for a few days and then went home. I know exactly how you are feeling. At first I was concerned that if it is so serious how could the doctors send me home, then I was upset that it was 4th of July week and I couldn't get any doctors to see me because they were on vacation. I started to feel bad for myself and then I went online and found this site and was immediately was greeted by Louisa who helped me get an appointment with a specialist within a day. She gave me the best advise and it is straight forward and simple, rest and stay positive.
The fact that you are feeling bad about, in your words "feeling useless" tells me that you are probably a very helpful thoughtful person with your family and are always there for them. Put yourself in their place right now and I know you would feel good by helping them if the roles were reverse so don't feel useless let them help you. I felt the same way at first and now after 2 months I am getting back to my routine, it has changed a little but the best news is that I am here for my family still as you are there for your family. Its just in a little different capacity.
Regarding the headaches, muscle weakness, pain, exhaustion, etc. I can only say that hopefully it gets better each day like mine does. Some days are good and some days are not so good but don't get discouraged by it. If you need to take a nap in the afternoon do it, don't feel bad we all have to do things that we might not have before this happened.
I know that it is difficult to hear people say "don't sit and constantly worry about it or think about it" but it is really important that you try to relax your brain a little during this time. It is kind of like when I was in getting a functional MRI so that the Doctor could determine the best treatment, the person doing the test had me do different task during the MRI and at one point they said OK now we want you to think about absolutely nothing so that we can see what your brain does during that time. I laughed to myself and basically thought do they realize how dumb that is to say to a person that is strapped into a dryer size machine that sounds like it is in the spin cycle with dye being injected into my arteries, looking in a small rearview mirror to get visual instructions from the operator who is trying to get information so a surgeon can go into my brain and fix a problem that keeps me from sleeping at night.
I know that what I am saying doesn't solve anything for you but I just want you to know that you are not alone and it will get better if you take the time to heal.

Welcome home Teah! You are most definitely not useless! You are recovering from quite a trauma. You need all the rest you can get. Your family will understand and appreciate what the rest will do for you. Take care and update us with your progress.