The £4,500 headphones that eased my terrible tinnitus

7 out 10 with this can solve their tinnitus problem - thats if u got the £4,500 for it that is.........

That is ridiculous. Who can afford that? It’s an interesting concept, though.

How much is that in U.S dollars? That sounds like a lot of money for headphones. Can I ask why so many people dislike their tinnitus or bruit (I believe they are the same thing[?]). I still miss mine and have a hard time living without it. I know it must sound strange since so many people seem to have a strong distaste/dislike for it. Mine was like waves on a shallow beach, a slow heartbeat, something that could calm me easily since I heard it literally all the time. Now it's just quiet, silence, nothingness. Now, I have to count myself to sleep like the elderly with sheep:( It's not as good nor as comforting. Before I knew of my avm, I appreciated my bruit and never would have dreamed of getting rid of it or covering it up. I'm glad you found something that works for you, though:)

$6,500 or that amount or so.

Kristi u must be the first person ive ever come across who enjoys tinnitus lol Myself i have a high pitched "iiiiiiiii" noise, drives me nuts sometimes.