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I am 22 and have a AVM in my brain, hasn’t bleed yet but it’s quit big. I really want to go to Thailand and backpack for three weeks. But I don’t think my doctor would think its the greatest idea… What do you think? Would you dare, if there was something you really wanted to do? The doctors always tells me to live as normal, except roller coasters and sky-diving. Flying is okay.

I just need some opinions cause my mom tells me not to go… But then again she’s my overprotective mom. :slight_smile:


I'll be honest with you but I wouldn't go. My AVM did rupture and I was put in emergency surgery to stop the bleeding. I was blind and paralyzed for a month. I had lots of therapy to just walk and move my arms again. I ended up having 4 surgery's after the bleed. My brain AVM me and my family never new about it until that bad day when it happened. I'm in great health now but it took 3 years of recovery to get back to a normal life. I'm just saying you don't no what's going to happen or when. You do no that you have one and that it can rupture. I'm just saying better safe than sorry. Hope the best for you. ;)


Hi Mia,
It 's really going to be your decision. I can understand it's not an easy decision. Ive had a bleeding a few years ago, and honestly the first year i was scared to even take the plane. I havent let it stop me from going places. Of course i didnt go backpacking , but i have been to a third-world countries a few times where if smthing happened they clearly wouldnt be able to do much for me....i decided to take the risk, i took a ''leap of faith''. I do understand your mom, and i woudl be worried too, but i also understand you wanting to do smthing you ve always wanted to do. Why dont you ask your doctor and see what he/she thinks about it :)


Hi Mia - Great question, and I am sure that there are many people who also have those same questions about traveling. Are you having symptoms since your AVM is large and if so, what kind of issues have you had? IF you haven't had any issues at all, and perhaps you plan on having surgery, and you get your doctor's blessing, maybe not a bad idea. Also, would you be going to Thailand by yourself or with a friend? I think this makes a big difference to, so in case something should happen, you have somebody by your side. Please speak to your doctor, as hopefully he/she can give you a medical reason why you should or shouldn't go. Please keep us posted Mia.


Oh, Im so sorry for you. How old were you when it ruptured? How big was it, do you know that? I’m glad you’re healthy now at least :slight_smile: Thank you!


Hi Debra and thank you for your answer. I have epilepsy in my left side but I eat medication and feel good now, haven’t had any epileptic seizures for one year. The doctors are planning on doing something in the future if it changes or so but have left me with “live as normal” for two years so… I’m going with a friend. The problem is that it’s maybe not as good doctors as in Sweden there in Thailand… We’ll see what the doctors says, been trying to contact him since yesterday!


It’s a hard one to answer cause if you didn’t know about your AVM you wouldn’t think twice about going…however cause you do know you have an AVM it’s easy for doctors to say to live a normal life but it’s not that easy…easier said than done.

I had a bleed 5 yrs ago and underwent surgery a few weeks later…i knew I had an AVM about a month prior and I wouldn’t want to be stuck in a country where I can’t get the same medical assistance, no offense to any Thai members here but just the recovery in another country without the same technology is scary to me…it’s really a risk IMO I wouldn’t personally take but it’s your life to live.

On that note I noticed you stated your AVM hasn’t bled YET!!! Why do you assume it will bleed as it’s possible it may never rupture for the rest of your life and just would like to put that positive spin on your situation…like you I was young when my AVM was discovered at 30 but we need to live life but also be aware of our situations… God bless!


I was diagnosed when I was 22 in 2011 I am now 27 I went to thailand in 2 years ago when I was 25 I also was scared to go overseas when After I was diagnosed with the condition I try to be thinks of things bad and not stress I was most worried about being in a plane if I were to have a mini stroke or bleed but I said know got to be positive try to go on trip with out fear and try to live life it is my trip was was great for some weird reason I have more magrines in winter then summer I love the humid weather and heat if it’s about I nuts 30s


I don't know how big your avm is..but eventually if it can be treated, do go for it, treat it and get over it. It hard to live with a ticking time bomb, stresses you up every time and makes you question your decisions now and then.Until then you need to accept that you are not like every normal human being and be very very very cautious..really be safe and not sorry...specially when you would be residing in a country that does not have the best medical facilities.Consult with your doctor before taking any such decision.


Hi guys! Just a small update very much later. I did go backpack for 3 weeks. And the next year I went again. And the year after I moved to Thailand for 7 months :see_no_evil: I guess I’m like “I’m gonna live my life 100% while I can” haha! Hope you’re all good and sending lots of love and thanks for your answers back then.