Teeth problems

I was wondering --- Does anyone else have problems with their teeth? My problem is, my abscessed teeth never hurt. I'm not kidding. The only time I found out they were abscessed is when they got a cavity. Many times it was to late for some of them to be fixed and they had to pulled. It was discovered that the roots were to damaged to save the tooth. I now where a partial plate.
I recently had a tooth break off. Are you ready for this? I was biting my finger nail when it happened. This one was not abscessed but, it was weak (obviously). We are now looking into getting a whole top denture for me (it needs insurance approval).

My dentist, a nice man, thinks it's because I had a concussion once and the pain nerves were damaged. I'm sure that's possible. But,.. I can't help to wonder if the AVM may have another effect I wasn't aware of.

Any input will be appreciated. :)

Thank you,


Hi Ben - I don’t. I have a friend who had to have surgery for abscessed gums - totally unrelated to AVM, though. I think that hers was hereditary and maybe a calcium issue.