Surgery at USCF

2 weeks ago we travel from Israel to San Francisco with our 12.5 years old daughter for a surgery at the new amazing 'Benioff children's hospital' at UCSF .
we came for Dr. Michael Lawton and Dr. Nalin Gupta.
she was under their highly qualified hand's for 10 hour's.
the most difficult hour's of our life....
until they exit the operation room and said : AVM is out!
couldn't be better !!!!!!
after they finished the surgery they did embolization to make sure all is out and clean.
My daughter woke up easily.
she is walking , talking , her vision field wasn't harmed
she is the same girl as she was before the surgery and before the sever bleed she had 5 month's ago.
it is impossible to express our happiness and relief,
and gratitude to the amazing doctor's and the hole team at the hospital.
I strongly recommend everyone here to consult them and trust them . they know everything about AVM and they are grate people

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Delighted for you good luck

Hi Hope and what a beautifully positive post. Dr. Lawton is one of the best and I am so happy your daughter's surgery was a success.All the best in her recovery :).

How lovely, hope! Thanks for sharing your daughter's success story. :)

That is so awesome about your daughter. Congrats on her being AVM free.

Super! That's fantastic news :) What a brave little girl. So good you were able to get it done while she was young. Children recover from things much much more quickly emotionally than we do as adults and by the time she gets to high school though she will of course still remember it from a child's perspective so much time will have past that rather than fresh and still constant in her memory it will be like ancient history. So glad everything is working out great for her and the rest of your family. Now she's got her whole life ahead of her to enjoy good health, being recovered and able to do anything she sets her mind to that her natural abilities, talents, skills and desires support - how thrilling is that!!! :)

What wonderful news! Dr. Lawton is fantastic and Iā€™m sure you are immensely relieved.

Wow. I also had Dr Lawton. What a long trip. Iā€™m so happy to know e have another survivor to add to the group.

Wonderful news! I'm so happy for all of you!

Good for you and your daughter!

So happy for you!!! It's wonderful to have a great outcome like that and to know you had excellent doctors that knew how to treat AVMS so well!

Delighted to hear your good news!!!!

That is fantastic news-
God Bless!

I am from ISrael as well.
Had AVM bleeding and suffer from memory problems.
Any idea how to overcome this?

I would look for an occupational therapist who specializes in memory improvement.

Thanks so much for sharing! I'm very happy for you and for your daughter!!

We are SO happy for you & your daughter! What you describe is almost identical to what our daughter went through back in 2010. (she was 10 at the time) She had a wonderful & heroic team of doctors & specialists, led by Dr. Nagib at Abbott Hospital, here in Minneapolis. We just cannot praise that hospital enough. Unfortunately, her left side field of vision is gone in both eyes, however she has handled it all like a true champ! 5 years later, and all is well so far. We learned right away to make every day count, and continue to live by that. Also, our daughter had her embolizations (2) before the surgery (over a 5 day stretch) as opposed to after surgery.

Enjoy the recovery, and ENJOY getting your lives back to normal. :slight_smile: God bless.

So happy to read such a message! thank you for sharing with us this great, wonderful, news!

So true! Our daughter was a true warrior, and used her experience fighting bosses, monsters & enemies in her Legend of Zelda video games to boost her bravery. It was such a powerful metaphor for both her and us at the time. Meanwhile, her dad (meaning me) was pretty much a total wreck emotionally throughout the ordeal. (but of course I was strong for her while in her presence) :)

Very well said, Rhonda. God Bless.

I am so happy to hear that all went well with the surgery. She will be fine now. She is young and will be healing quickly. It will take some time for her to regain her strength, but she will be fine.
Once the AVM is gone, with no side effects, we are SURVIVORS and make wonderful recoveries.