Summer time!

Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone else feels that their avm plays up more in the summer?? I seem to get more headaches, tingling, odd spells with the warmer weather..

Hi JillNZ...I live where it is winter right now....but I do have the same symptoms when it is Summer here...the only seizures I've had, were in the summer.

Hi JillNZ - I don't get seizures - knock on wood - but the heat definitely takes a lot of energy out of me...which affects almost everything else that I do. I'm not too hip on winter - don't walk that well when it's cold and greater risk of slipping on uncovered ice, etc. - I currently have about 4 months where I'm not concerned with weather issues. I prefer a moderate temp. with little rain and a lot of sun...go figure. =)

Thanks for your reply, I get my symptoms all year round but seems to be worse in summer for me.
Hope you have a great xmas :)

Hi Julie, I get frequent seizures that don't really bother me too much but the seem to be more severe and a lot more of them now our weather is warm, it was the same last summer (when I didnt know what was causing them!) Luckily our temps here don't get low enough for snow or ice, just a few frosty mornings a year :) Merry xmas.

I did a search on here for you…
It seems that weather does affect a lot of members!

Thanks Barbara, will sit down and have a good read through :)

Hi JilNZ,

According to my epileptologist there exists a relationship between weather and seizures. She referred me to the Facebook page of "Shake That Seizure". Hope that helps.