Still there

I had another angiogram this past Friday and have looked at the report. I have not been for my follow up visit but the wording leads me to believe it is still indeed there. The report reads as follows:
Left AVM with residual filling within the nidus.
I think think that does indeed mean that it is still there. Any opinions on this?

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Hi Mel, Yes that does read that it is still present… God bless!

Hi Melissa!
After seven embolizations at Mayo Clinic, my procedure notes continue to read as yours does. Not surprising, I guess, without a surgical resection. Still good results. Don’t read too much into the notes before your follow-up.

I agree.

Melissa, good luck.

Best of luck for some good news at your follow-up.


Hi Melissa:

My test read a lot like yours. However, it showed that the AVM was indeed smaller than the time before. It’s not gone, but it is smaller. I’ll take that any day! Wishing you all the best.

Sharon D…

Hi Melissa,

Same as sharon a bit. My Gama Knife has almost disappeared my AVM, over time. There is like “small” bumps, but they (neuro peeps) feel confident that i would not need another dose (i had 2 rounds). If i was you, i would come back and ask for more details…

I have already had 3 and 3 embolizations.