Stem cell therapy

Has anyone tried it?
I've heard it might help after stroke but never met anyone who actually did it.

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Astra, we had someone ask this question last year. Please check out the link below for more details -

Thanks! I found some thread here but from 2011...
Also, I see from the link that this thread is about FETAL stem cells. I am NOT interested in those stem cells but stem cells collected from your own body, like from fat cells.
it is being done all over the world. Has anyone here tried stem cells derived from their own body?

yes, it was about embryonic stem cells which is not allowed in the usa I think. I was asking about treatment with your own stem cells from your fat cells. It is done in the usa

During my search for treatment of spinal avm that bleeded and caused damage to the spinal cord, I contacted Bejing Puhua International Hospital in Bejing, China. The hospital is specialised in Stem Cell therapy. Here I quote part of their response:

"However, as having treated more than 200 cases of spinal cord injury (SCI) with stem cell transplantation, we think it’s relatively uneasy for patients with ischemic change of spinal cord to recover. It’s possible that the outcome would be not very satisfying."

I hope this helps.

I’ve been looking into this too. I’m a candidate also. Did you have go though with it?

@anjela I am a candidate for injection into my brain at UCSF they are in their second phase - I also know Stanford is doing it but I am not a candidate there since I am not older and dont have paralysis- I dont have a date yet but once I do I will post on here- I heard at both places they are having good results.


No. The patient started recovering naturally and gained full movement of limbs. weak but moving with persistent buring feeling in half the body.

Oman The trial is in its final phase I am not in it but My stroke doctor is part of it so I get updates
It will be finished Sept of 2019 and they just published a paper about the TBI patients

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Has anyone done it?

So did you do it?

I would be very careful when considering stem cell therapy since it’s still in its infancy and there needs to be more tests done to ensure that it’s safe and works for everyone. The only way you can get stem cell treatment that’s safe and effective are the ones that are given in clinical trials under FDA regulation.
An example would be this one:

I was not picked for the clinical trial since I did not have an ischemic stroke but a CVST stroke- Hopefully it will be FDA approved early next year. I still wont be candidate per my Stroke doctor since I dont have paralysis just weakness and pain. So I am hopeful that once there is if there is relief of pain once they start doing it to AVM bleed patients with paralysis and if their pain is relieved - the data will support it for me to have it done.

YOu know you can get stem cells for weakness at clinics right?

Do you have hht?

Us stem cell clinic in Florida is good or David steenblock

They work with stroke patients all the time!

Waiting for clinical trials well all be dead by then there’s reputable places doing stem cells now just have to do your research

I’m planning on doing treatments in Florida

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I know they have stem cells for parts of your body - also when you look up David Steenblock there is a lot of bad stuff about him.

The clinical trial for the stems cells in the brain for stroke is complete and in the 3rd phase for TBI so hopefully we all wont be dead by next year when its approved for stroke. Good luck on your treatments in Florida

Yeah, I’m hoping that as well :rofl:

I hope everyone is starting to feel ready for Christmas and the holidays.



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