AVM Survivors Network

Remembering that recovery from my AVM crash

Remembering is something that was not easy for me when I had
my AVM bleed. My short term memory was almost totally shot, and in a
way that was not a bad thing. Am just happy that in time it returned to me.

I am today remembering the time soon after the operation to remove my AVM from
my brain. For a time it did not look good for my recovery, and my wife told her
co-workers, at work, how bad off I was. The secretary for the group was making plans
for my … what some would call a wake. Of course this would be after my death.
Wife told me about this wake some weeks later when I was doing better. I told her
that there would now be a long wait for that wake! But I was not sorry for messing up their plans. I had been hoping for perhaps another five years of life, but it has now been more than 17 years. I would not have bet on that, but it happened.

Thank you, God.


Great to hear from you John! I love the post, and we’re very happy you messed up the plans! Take Care, John.