Jaxsons's Dad and I are almost certain we will be relocating to Arizona to be close to Dr.Spetzler. Although right now Jaxson has no symptoms, the uncertainty of when it will rupture has made us decide that being close to an AVM doctor is best. Has anyone done this? I am nervous about this and am doing last minute research to make sure this is "where" we need to be. Any input would be appreciated. Experiences with Dr.Spetzler, relocating for medical reasons, etc....

Parents do whatever is necessary to care for their children. Children also need happy parents. Just make sure the move will provide you with the necessary things to provide Jaxson a happy home. Sacrifices come at a cost. Just make sure it isn’t too large of a sacrifice that will effect you as a couple and a family.

A ton of people move for medical reasons–drier climates, warmer weather, etc.

I have only read one negative about Dr. Spetzler from the tons of things I have read. Great weather there as I am watching it snow the last day of our spring break. Makes me want to move right now.


If you are able to do this; financially and work wise - I would do it if I were in the same boat.


Hello Robin and Ben. After everything that has happenend, we know it is the best thing to do for our son and us. We are also comfortable with Dr.Spetzler and the team there. Every sign points us there. It's wierd, we were out and about during the weekend conversating about how we should move to Arizona to be by Dr.Spetzler and....pow! A weekly job opening popped up in AZ when there wasn't an account there before! So we applied for the job transfer and James (the Dad) discussed it with the management. We had a few stressfull weeks following that discussion with unprofessional managment and that's a whole other story. So fast forward to this Friday...while we were waiting for our son's MRI at the hospital, James got a call from a higher up letting him know there will be a few openings in AZ soon. He has a meeting this week with them regarding the jobs in AZ and although it will be a graveyard shift, it's still an opportunity to get there now. Everything seems to be working out finally! I feel it is meant to be and we will feel safe there knowing great doctors are nearby. The sunny weather sounds great too. I just had a panic momment last night. Thinking about a few what ifs. I dont' want to move there to hear Jaxson can't be established as a patient because of insurance reasons or that Spetzler and the team say that the AVF/AVM is untreatable when they do the Angio. Thank you both Robin and Ben for the reassurance.

You should be able to check insurance before you accept transfer. As for the graveyard shift I know lots of parents that love it. It allows so much more flexibility for appts, daddy time, sick kids, etc.

Don’t forget the reason you are moving is for the what if. They might very well say wait until he is older. At this point you know you have great care IF something happens.

Follow your heart but listen to your head.

So glad that things are working out for you! It does sound as though you are meant to go to Arizona!

I am curious about that one negative comment you read? I've searched many profiles about expeiences with Spetzler and other doctors, and although I've read about unsuccessful stories with others, not one I have found about Dr.Spetzler. And there's thousands of entries about him. How are you doing and the current status of your AVM (if you don't mind me asking)?

I called Barrow about a month ago and they said they are providers for the insurance. We were thinking the graveyard shift may work better for us. Someone that lives there also brought up an excellent point; James would be working when it's cool out, so that's a plus too about those hrs. He'd get home when Jaxson would be getting up so he would get Daddy time too. With how insurance policies are rapidly changing lately, I just worry about it...maybe getting ahead of myself.

It does seem so! :)

If you believe in Higher Intervention - I would say this sure does fit the bill. The signs and the opportunity are both there. :) I'm happy for you.


If they take your insurance now then they are more than likely to work with you later. Most policies have an out of network option. It may be higher copay

Thank you Ben.

I completely agree, act now while the opportunity exists. We'd rather be safe than be sorry.