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are any of you here current inpatient in the hospital for the treatment of your AVM? If so, does the hospital give you a chance for an overnight leave during the weekends? what did you guys mostly do at home I had a chance to go home on the weekends when i was in rehab and i wrote a short blog about productive activities at home for those patients who are going home for a short while on the weekends, hope this helps or maybe of good use

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Interesting! I was in rehab for nearly a month I think. It wasn’t until the last couple of days that they let my husband “check me out” for a required home visit to prove I could get in the car, get into the house, use the bathroom, etc. I’m not sure if an overnight visit was possible, but I don’t think I would have/could have. We were in the middle of major work on our house at the time, and we were using cinder blocks for front steps when I went into the hospital. I had therapy even on weekends anyway.

For what it’s worth I used a big plastic IKEA stepstool as a shower chair for at least a year (I can stand up, now!)

The journal is a great idea. I wish I’d done that. Both typing and writing were very difficult and slow for me but making recordings would have been nice, and probably helped my with pronunciation issues too.

And sunshine! That was the hardest since I couldn’t really walk alone. Our neighbor came back from a severe stroke a couple of years before me, and he was able to walk up and down the street once he was home. Our street was torn up at the time and since there aren’t sidewalks, the terrain was just too hard for me to navigate without help. But anytime I could get outside I loved it.