Recommending Dr. Sekhar in Seattle Area

My husband had his Grade IV AVM removed by Dr. Sekhar on August 6th, 2011.
Sekhar is based out of Harborview and I can't recommend him or the hospital enough. The Neuro ICU nurses are miracle workers. They have 3 neuro ICU and 3 Neuro Acute Care wings.

His bio is quite impressive.

So glad you & your husband found the perfect dr. for you! :)
How is your husband doing 1 yr. post-op?
Best wishes.

I clearly don't know my dates. It was August 6th, 2012. He is still without right frontal bone until next month. Dr. Sekhar did a fantastic job. His surgery took 16.5 hrs and he faced a few complications, all of which he recovered from. (He lost 24 units of blood and had a mini-stroke).

Understandable, Ngoc K - you've both been through A LOT!!!
Very best wishes on your husbands recovery & to you as well. :)
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Take care.