I am very proud of Dane - this evening he posted on the teen avm sight. He is 9 months post avm removal - prior to his rupture he was my on the go kid - football, wrestling, track, and bowling. He will no longer be able to play full contact sports and is not letting him get him down. As he gets ready to start his freshman year he plans to run track and bowl and work on golf game for next season. Bowling had been great to help him work on his balance and mobility. Anything is possibly when you put you mind to it. I am glad he is starting to reach out to those who are/have been where he was. I am not only proud of him but anyone who has experienced this illness - you all are amazing!

Hi Brooke,

Glad Dane is posting on the teen site. Taking ownership of his avm is a great step to conquering it.

I'm not sure if we have teen mods on the site, but we try to keep adults out of there. If you haven't, pls talk with him about net safety. And if he reads anything creepy or that he's uncomfortable with on there, pls forward that info to one of we mods and we'll fix it. To see the mod info, go to the main page, and scroll way down. The list of Mods will be in the left column.

Best wishes to both of you,
Ron, KS

Tmak is our teen mod. :slight_smile: