One of the BEST Videos a Survivor can Watch...Enjoy❣

To ALL Survivors & Caretakers❣

While this video is not specific to Brain Aneurysms and/or AVMs; it is related to Traumatic Brain Injury which Aneurysms & AVMs are a big part of after either a rupture and/or surgery. This video had such a profound impact on both me and those closest to me that helped us ALL understand what it's like living & persevering thru Life each day with a Brain Injury that is just not "Visible" in any way!

One thing I've learned thru this Healing Journey is that when people are struggling to just get thru each day; we tend to surround ourselves with those who can relate, Support and Love on us (just like this online support community does) thru a time when we may look Fine; yet Feel just so broke on the Inside because of an illness/injury that caused Brain interruption and damage and isn't something that just heals itself like a Broken arm; it's a Lifetime Journey :)! I truly feel it's our responsibility, as Survivors & Caretakers, to share what we learn with those closest to us that helps them better understand what we may struggle with each & every day...heck, we don't understand at times and it's unrealistic for us to expect our loved ones to understand. If nothing ever changed; there'd be no Butterflies...So, just like the caterpillar --> we need to commit to finding our wings & soar/flutter thru the rest of our Beautiful Lives we are Blessed to have ƸӜƷ ❣ ƸӜƷ

Hope You're all having a wonderful day & May Blessings follow you wherever you shall travel today & always❣


Thank you for sending us this video Michele... Great for us to understand that we are NOT alone!

Thank you for sharing!