No More Dreams?

Prior to surgery I used to dream all the time, but I haven’t had a single dream (that I remember) since before my surgery.

I’m not mad about it honestly (no bad dreams), but has anyone else lost the ability to dream?

We’re all different, I suppose

But, my dream patterns seem quite good now. When I first came out of my embolization, I was super stressed & had almost constant anxiety < then, I wasn’t dreaming well at all

But, now(almost 5 months later) - I dream great! Shoot, I just woke up - and, my dreams were definitely there

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I’m 9 months out from surgery and still nothing. Again, not mad, just curious as a former dreamer. I sleep fine most nights, though my sleep schedule is a little random sometimes. I definitely sleep though. Thanks!

Doesn’t sound like a horrible issue, I suppose. . . . But, def a tad odd

Do you use meds for sleep?

Shoot, I still do - and, I was def way off for a bit. But, now I dream away just fine - better than usual, actually

Kinda sounds like you’re not reaching REM sleep - do you feel rested after sleeping?

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Not often! I’m always tired or so it seems even though I “sleep”…


What I have been experiencing has really reminded me of your thread.

I don’t know what gives, but my dreams all the sudden are just off the charts. When I wake up & for days to come, I can recall the slightest details from them.

They have been borderline lucid, all the sudden - only changes I have made is I completely cut out drinking alcohol over the last few weeks.

They are so vivid & intricate - the details I remember are almost unbelievable. I talk to people around me about what I am experiencing & as usual - I get a blank stare, like making this up.

Only one was bad, which now I can not recall - but, the rest are amazing.

I have not dreamt like this since I was a very young age. . . It’s quite nice, actually

But, I don’t quite understand why all the sudden - yet, I will take it. . . I literally can describe darn near everything in them, specially right when I wake up - which is still quite early(3-4am), but I counteract this by being in bed still early enough to get my full seven hours of sleep.

Just thought I’d mention it, since it does feel that strange to be getting them all the sudden. . . I am still on xAnax to support my sleep. Without it, I just don’t wind down. I’ve tried other meds a few times & the outcome was quite less than favorable.

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I’m just now seeing this!!! I’ve only had 1 dream since surgery which I’m not really mad about, still getting used to it because I used to dream ALL the time. Now, nothing. Interesting to see the change, though! Keep us posted! I want to see if anything changes in year 2!!! :grin::+1:t5:


So complex our brain is - I just woke up rn. I dream & I dream - more than before all of this I would have to say.

My dreams are quite vivid, I remember colors, people’s faces, etc. . . But, thankfully no more strange lucid dreams that woke me up in sweats.

I was actually thinking about this thread a few days back after waking up. I sleep real well now & dreams seem to be a fairly important part. When I sleep well & long that’s when I notice the most complex long feeling dreams.

Glad you’re doing well tho :slight_smile: - I’ve had times in my life years back where I didn’t dream for extended periods of time < this is how my wife is mostly also. Only thing I personally noticed is that I wasn’t as rested feeling - that’s about it

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