My support worker

I have a support worker. She has helped me to organise some things. I live alone,
It wasn't easy to get one.

She came by one day asked what I'd done and I was feeling positive and up that day to which she said 'oh you're fine, you'll be absaloutely fine.' She then disappeared for three weeks and now wants a review.

I have told her that she needs to speak with my social worker or similar as head injuries are complex and what you see isn't what you get. I have been very tired lately. I don't see the point in her carrying on with me as I think she would be better suited with some-one who has obvious difficulties, She was quite brusque. I don't think she understands the fatigue which is, for me, a major part of my tbi.

Any ideas?
I know I should make the most of any support I can get as I have always had to fight for any kind of support.