Long term pain due to hemiplegia

I had an avm on the right side of my brain 20 years ago in march, which resulted in hemiplegia… The pain has gradually gotten worse over the years, but here in the past year the pain has gotten to an almost intolerable amount, which causes me to be extremely crabby, grouchy with those closest to me, and seeing as i work in customer service, sometimes the general public doesn’t help. Has anyone else experienced this pain, the pain of tendonitis and overworked muscles and joints? If so how did you manage it?

I used a tens unit to work muscles in my face. In my research I learned that it also can be used to deaden nervous pain. In other words shocking the area as a form of pain management. I’ve also heard of good results from acupuncture but haven’t gone that route. I’m not sure what hemiplegia is.

Hemiplegia is the paralysis or partial paralysis of one side left or right