Lameness after embolization and coiling - dangerous?!

Have someone heard about lameness after thise kind of treatment? Is it dangerous? How long can it takes to recover? My son had it done on his two fistulas today (the treatment was effective: no bleeding, he is alive, he came to his sence) but he can not move his left site? Please help?!

Could it be from swelling/edema? I had some moments of numbness in my left arm and hand after one of my embolizations. It was from the swelling on the right side. I should call a doctor to ask! Good luck

I would guess the brain is in a bit of a shock right now. Coiling is considered to be one of the safer procedures. Every AVM including avfistulas are different. Many members have been able recover including me. At one point I nothing on my left side moved. If he just had his procedure done today…try not to worry too much. As Melissa suggested…talk to his doctor. Please keep us informed.

Hi, Sylwia, I found one article about hemiparesis (one-sided paralysis) after angiography:

In this case study, it took 7 days for the patient to recover. So, I greatly hope that after a few days pass, your son should recover fully. Please let us know how he does.

Thanks a lot. Yes, there is a swelling but MRI showed a minor stoke as well!
But he is a gettig a bit better! Thise week he should start a rahabilitation.

I had an dural AV fistula which bled, causing a stroke. The AVF was on the left side of my brain so I had a limp on my right leg. They did an angiogram to diagnose the AVF. When I woke up from the embolisation procedure (mine was done with Onyx glue), my left hand was curled up like a claw. I had bells palsey on the left side of my face. Also my left eye would randomly roll around. So you could say the embolisation seemed to result in damage to my left side. I don’t know if it was from the trauma from the bleed, or complications from the embolisation or a combination thereof. I had to learn to talk again from the stroke. My left hand slowly recovered until it was as strong as my right hand. I was in the hospital for one week and rehab hospital for on week. I did outpatient rehab 2x a week. I have since recovered from all my deficits including bells palsey. The brain is a remarkable organ. He has youth on his side. It is way to early to make assumptions. I wish him well and will pray for a full recovery. Let us know how he progresses.