Keppra is my happy place(

Been on Keppra for 5 years since my bleed, and it suits me I will be the 1st to admit I enjoy the airplane / My Neuro said !! ! "Stoned is Not a medical term" !! That being said I think I have been having both sub clinical seizures; don't tell my Neuro ! I do not want to bump up to Depakote !! I know when They are triggered - on an empty stomach ? Thoughts / suggestions ??

Nikki, I've been on a high dose of Keppra for 7 years. Occasionally, I will have a simple seizure, however my neuroepilepsy doctor does not think it is a reason to up the dose or change my medication.

Please speak to your doctor and explain what is happening.

Hmmmm I never had seizures so I wouldn't know the answer...if you know that they are triggered on an empty stomach maybe you should try to carry around a snack or 2 to eat every few hours to avoid an empty stomach? Regardless, I think it is a good idea to talk to your doctor, and explain that you would prefer to not get bumped to Depakote and see what he thinks.

Keep us updated!