I need informations for my blog

Hi my friends. I am making a blog about AVM with many medical informations for AVM , things about AVM symmptoms and experiences. Ι think ... I believe ... I know that it will be the first blog ... in my country ... about AVM.
Becouse of this I need your help ... your informations about AVM Statistics. Do you know how many people affect approximately in USA, Europe aand Australia from AVM (AVM head, AVM leg and AVM in the rest parts of the body).
Can you help me with this informations ?

I felt the need to talk about AVM and I am vey happy making this blog that very soon I will present it also to you.
thank you indeed.

Hi, Tania, a statistic commonly quoted in the US is that about 300,000 people have AVMs, with about 90% of those being intracranial (brain) AVMs. Every time I read this statistic, I doubt its accuracy. How can they put a number on it when so many are asymptomatic or undiagnosed or misdiagnosed? How do you count those with multiple AVMs? Or those who passed away from their AVMs?

On this website, the 90% rule seems to hold -- there are about 4,000 AVM survivors on the website, and about 400 with extracranial AVMs. Of the extracranial AVMs on this site, about 1/3 are head and neck, 1/3 arm or leg, and 1/3 torso (including spine and internal organs). Whether this reflects the distribution of AVMs on the planet is anyone's guess.

Good luck with your blog!

I have been longing at stats everyday for the last two months. I have not them to be consistent. I wish you luck on your blog. I am looking forward to viewing it!

Hi, Tania, I found a more specific statistic that said in the US, though 300,000 have AVMs, only 36,000 have AVMs that are symptomatic and causing problems. Of the 36,000, about 10% have symptomatic AVMs outside the brain -- about 3,600. And of those, about 10% are on this website -- about 360. It's like a really exclusive club that none of us really want to belong to, right?