I don't intend to be stupid....I promise

I know this is an ignorant question that I can probably save myself embarrassment from and just Google the answer but the truth is, I would much rather get an answer or suggestion from someone who may have been through the steps. So here it goes:
I'm on county health (county clinic card) and I recently had to reapply (every 6 months). The lady looked at what she had on record and the information she requested of me (like elect bill, rent, monthly disability income, etc) and then she asked me, "so what exactly is it you're on disability for?"
I felt so dumb. My first reaction was..."is it not obvious? My purse is hanging on the handle of my cane right in front of you!" But of course, I just went blank.
I know I should know what I'm on disability for but I don't know EXACTLY what I'm "labeled" as for disability. When I received my award letters last year, there was a paper in the stack that said, "in this packet you will find a list of your qualifying disabilities" of course that's not verbatim but pretty darn close. Slowly, I read all the papers and when I got to the last one I must have turned it over 50 times! There was nowhere in or on any one of those pieces of paper that said what my disabilities are.
I'm fixing to apply for a discharge of student loans. I tried to finish school (a 21-month college program) after my stroke and crani (which happened barely a year into the program) and everything but it was just too much too fast and I admit it, I gave up. I have the forms and I know my neurologist will be the one filling it out but what if he asks if I have any more disabilities? Naturally, I'd like to have as many disabilities as is possible put on my application to ensure, better guarantee, that my loans will be discharged but I would also like the information to be legit and correct. I'm not a freeloader but hell, if I can get out of those loans....
So if anyone knows how I can find out this info, it would be fricken awesome. I guess I could call 2-11 but....that's kind of embarrassing and I'd probably be so nervous my "left mouth" will tighten up and whoever is on the phone won't understand me (I try to avoid the phone for this reason).

Well I don't have any advice for you in dealing with the powers that be (I'm in Canada) I do have some advice on "what to call it"!

Stroke. Just tell them you had a stroke. This doesn't get into the details of what caused your stroke, but it will sort of drop a name that most people can understand.

If they really want to get into the details, then you can tell them you have/had an AVM and some residual hemispheric paralysis from the bleed - that is, in my experience, the best way to get a person to stare at you blankly and then walk away...but who's counting ;)

LOL I'm going to start using that "hemispheric paralysis." I say stroke and people are like "how?" I say hemiparetic and they say, "what's that?" I say AVM and they say, "can you explain to me what that is?" I've been to the ER recently for a wicked migraine and the Dr said "an AVM, that's an arteri------" and I had to finish his sentence for him. But hemispheric paralysis is a good one. I love to leave people feeling more clueless than me! Thanks:) lol

Hi Kirsti. I have some friends on here who receive diasabilty. They would know more about this sort of thing than I do. I will ask them about any special wording you might to use. For their privacy. I will just message you!

That would be great! Thanks!