Hurricane Sandy

I can't say this enough. All the members on here are going through so much (yes, even the relatives, friends, etc.), that this Hurricane can only add to it. For everyone on the East Coast (and that’s a lot of you), please be safe. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming… :J


Yes it seems like a lot of people are affected. My daughter is going to college in Va. and even though Charlottesville is way inland, they closed her school for the day just to be safe. Again, be safe everyone. You too Louisa!

I live in nyc we were hit hard but overall it couldve been worse. im blessed to still have power...MTA is completly shut down except for some buses. Flooding everywhere just glad the worse is over

Hi Nayleen. Thanks for responding. I have been worried about you!

Living here in PA.was pretty scarry.The rain and wind was terrible.The worst was the wind,knocking power out.I was so worried that a large tree in our backyard was going to fall on our house.I prayed so hard,thank god it didnt fall.Finally the wind calmed down and most of the power is back on.Wasnt to much flooding,came out ok.I feel so bad for the ones in New Jersey and New York.My heart breaks for all of them.

Hi Friends...yes NYC got hit the hardest. In Rhode Island we only had high winds, although the south coast of RI did get alot of damage at our beaches. What a crazy storm!

Glad you're ok Nay. NC outer banks was hit pretty hard but we're far inland so all is well here. Just some winds.

I’m glad to see all are okay.

Thanks for the prayers and concerns.... power is slowly but surely being many utility companies from different states involved.....gas is the problem.... I am a nurse and have waited hours on lines...but all in all I a grateful me and my family are well. I feel blessed. They are predicting another storm this week though but I don't think as bad......

Schools have been closed but some are ropening tomorrow.

THe Jersey shore where many beautiful summers have been spent...... they are really devastated but prayers continue for them and as all.... :)