Hey everyone, sorry to be so MIA. first embo done

Been mostly scared and paranoid of getting my first embo. Finally went through it and had a terrible time with IVs and my tiny veins but eventually they got me good lol on both hands.

Anyway, had to stay an extra night due to visual disturbances, extreme headache and not properly seeing a full face. Ugh. But got home and had major leg pain but doing better today.

It sucks we can’t even cry in peace but that’s my way of calming down but that caused the second worst headache ever for me and visions I had before a seizure. Best way to describe that is seeing stars. Thank God they’ve been “fake seizures”. Have to keep my bp lower than 120 and stress free. I’m trying to avoid salt just to improve this. Can’t wait for my leg to improve from pain. I’m definitely not going to overexert myself like I did after my angio. So that’s the best news for me so far… Just taking it easy and seeing a friend from out of town today at home. My advice so far is get as comfortable as you can with a laptop, kindle, ect. And spend that extra $70-80 on a bp machine if it gives you a peace of mind like myself.

Only bad news is I will be needing a third embo now but on the bright side its the day before my surgery so if anything bad were to occur…I’ll be where I need to be and my recovery time will be the same (around Thanksgiving)

Everyone stay healthy and take care and let me know how you’re doing. Stay positive. That’s something I need to work on

Good to see you keeping strong and fighting the battle…keep us posted on your progression you will be just fine… God bless!

My prayers are for you, Chelsea. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this during the holidays. Hang in there!