Headaches and Sharp pains after Gamma Knife

I had my Gamma Knife on Sept.30,2013. I am still getting bad pressure like headaches my head feels like it’s being squeezed in a vice. The headaches before the GK were easier to deal with. I get Very sharp pains in the back of head sometimes one eye or sometime in the the back of my neck. My balance is off more now then before the GK. The sharp pains in my ear never both just one it only last for a a bit but hurts and my right eye waters. Anyone got any ideas on what can help with the headaches.
I had a bleed on April 25th an Embolization on the 26th.
I have had an MRI a couple of weeks ago mo swelling in brain.

I had really bad headaches after gamma knife. Nothing over the counter helped but I did benefit from Maxalt XLT. Most of the time if I took it at the very start I was able to ward off the headache. Other times I'd still get a headache but a much more manageable one. If after the Maxalt the headache was very mild then I'd try either some aspirin and a couple cups of coffee, if it was moderately bad then I'd take a couple Advil liqui-gels and have some caffeinated soda, like regular Coke. These things worked for me in a way that narcotics didn't. You might ask your neurologist if he thinks any of this might be help helpful/appropriate in your case.

So, so sorry for your pain!

I say over and over: Ask GOD for some help here.


I've suffered unimaginable daily headaches for most of my teenage and adult life. Two years ago, finally, a craniotomy was able and necessary to be performed. The removal of the AVM has taken away most of the daily headaches. I HAVE to have coffee (caffeine) in the morning and one cup in the evening. Without it you get rebound headaches in addition to the usual, but tea or coffee really helps. In recent years it was found that Indomethicin 100 mg. takes the pain away. This discovery is AFTER decades of tying everything on the market. Still, the mornings are rough, and eating and odors are a real problem. Best of luck.

I can sympathize with you,My AVM was treated in Winnipeg mb Canada about 8 yrs ago. There is apparently nothing remaining in that area of the brain except radiation edema confirmed by radio neuro Drs in Toronto Ont .I am experiencing many of those deficits unfortunately .I try to limit my cognitive action,by not overdoing or exceeding my limits ,of which vary day to day.I believe and wsa advised that a small % of gamma knife patients suffer from this edema .My AVM was a 3.5 cm in the medulla /cerebellar deep right side.Again I wish you the best and maintain a healthy realism life is great Rob W I meant that the AVM is no longer present in the area treated .take care

Hi Niyani. I had an AVM the size of a baseball removed surgically (ear to ear...36 staples). Suffered the same type of headaches after (sharp shooting pain sometimes...and then totally described vascular tension ones as feeling like a VICE too!). After 4.5 years of chronic headaches (birthed two beautiful babies meantime!) :^) I heard about ACUPUNCTURE.

It took diligence but it WORKED. That, along with some homeopathic remedies by my same naturopathic/acupuncture doctor (my GURU blessing!) I was HEALED. I still get headaches sometimes, but Advil takes them away and they are no longer daily or debilitating.

I eat VERY healthy (including gluten free since I am allergic to wheat/rice/potatoes/etc) and workout and thrive in life. Have held down as many as three jobs and have not let the surgery take my life away. Loving life...loving God....thriving!

Hope this helps you in your quest to heal. I really encourage you to look into a naturopathic doctor and an acupunturist. Best to you...Katy

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Sorry to hear of your pain. I have had on going headaches since my Gamma-knife in May of 2012. Like you say it's like a vice being tightened ever so slowly,and my eyes would burn, as of Nov. I have been given a higher dosage of anti- seizure medication, and next week will be tested for Epilepsy. The Nueorologist figure's my AVM has brought on Epilepsy. I hope you find some answers, I have noticed Advil liquid gels work the best for me, but you may want to ask about something like Epilepsy should your headaches increase,dizziness, eyes blurry or watering, ears hurt, and I even noticed my jaw bone really hurting also.

Hope this helps, will be praying for you.

I get the same thing after radio surgery. I have just been using exceedingly migraine because my doctor doesn’t think it’s related. The headaches hurt like I have a head full of broken glass. Not sure what to do either cuz I love sugar and processed food!

Hi just read your post. I thought I was the only one with the sharp pains in the head. I had GK in Feb 2012. ^ mths after my GK I started experinecing sharp pains on the side I ahve had the bleed. My hemoridge was on the right habd side of the head. The docters have told me the AVM is deep on the right hand side. The pain starts in the middle of the right ear and works it way on the right side of the head. Its difficult to describe, buts its like a shrp blunt pain. Comes on any time of the day and can last for hrs. I do get very scared but try to be positive. I have my angiogram on 17th feb, c what the results are. Anyone else with sharp pains like these, My consultant told me its the GK working, but I dont know. All we can do is try to be strong and positive.

Thanks Rex for the information will try to do this
and see if it helps.

Thanks Rhonda I go back to the doctor next week
will ask him about this.

Thanks Box Barrage 22 I have always asked God for his help and guidance.

Thanks Bob for the support!

Thank you for your help Susan hope all is well with you .

Lots of good new ideas for me Katy. Will look into
trying to see if works for me. Would love if I
could avoid pain meds.

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Violet I will ask the doctor about this .
Thank you.

Thanks Rex

Hi Api, I did have a MRI a couple of weeks ago ,
My doctor wanted to make sure there was no swelling in the brain. I am very happy to say
I did not have swelling. It looks like the GK is working but still too early yo
really tell. The scans look like it’s getting smaller but it’s so early in the process for me. I hope you start to feel better soon. I really love this site
it let’s me know I am not alone in what I feel. Prayers and best of luck to you.

Niyani. I haven’t been on this site in a very long time. I work more than a full time job and get taken away with life/family/grandbabies. How are you and did you get free of the pain? -Katy

I had searing, sharp pains that would just come in bursts. Each zap would only be a fraction of a second and the bursts would only last 30 seconds or less. I only had a few of those incidents per week in the two weeks following gamma knife. Since then, they have been almost nonexistent.