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Headaches and Sharp pains after Gamma Knife

I had similar post gamma knife, they are referred to as ice pick head aches. I had them from time to time but haven’t had one in a very long time, at least a year. I had my gamma November 2016 and recently advised after an angio that it is gone. Take Care, John.

Sorry my email has changed and I have not received my message on here. I hate to say I’m still looking for relief from my head pain.
I hope you are well!

Hi Niyani!! Go for a great homeopathic/acupuncturist that can assist you in healing. It took me a full year. Through homeopathic remedy (snake venom/lachisus) and acupuncture I healed my body after 4.5 years of the worst chronic headaches and shooting pains. Email me if you need any more info…reply here and I’ll send you my email. I’m not on here much as I work more than full time but I certainly have healed and understand!