AVM Survivors Network

'''Fundraiser/awareness idea"

When my dad was fighting pancreatic cancer, the gift shop at the cancer center had a T-shirt “I’ve got a chemo brain whats your excuse?” For those of you who don’t know, chemo brain is the fuddled/confused way a brain works while on chemo.

I think it would be cool to have a fundraiser for Ben’s Friends by making and selling shirts with sayings about AVMs that are somewhat humorous, somewhat awareness and make people aware and thinking about what we deal with and how we deal with it.

And obviously not just AVMs - but each illness could have their own ideas on it. I’m willing to help come up with ideas and I’d definitely buy at least one of pretty much all of them.

“Not al super heroes fight against villains you can see. Many battles are fought outside of where you can see.”

"Did you know that AVMs are basically tangled blood vessels that don’t work right?

"Not just anyone can get an AVM. You need to be that special mix of the patience of Job and the persistence of Jason Bourne:

"Only 1 out of ________ get diagnosed with an AVM.’

And on that note, it’s time for bed.



I like the one about Job and Jason Bourne