Frustration to the max...just venting

Tried to blog this so not everyone had to read this, but I had no luck in that department.

If anyone wants to add on to a frustrating experience or five, please feel free.

my rant and rave...

frustration doesn't even mark the spot...between medical bills and still trying to get my car back, moving arrangements, etc., etc., I am venting here in hopes that this will expel a portion of my stress.

Did it work? Are you stressless now?

I'll give it a shot, although I wouldn't know the first thing about frustration! about when my whole left side looks like I've been beaten because I'm constantly bumping in to things on my "blind side". Or when I set something down and a minute later go back to get it and forget where I've put it. Or when I fall down, at least once a day! Or when one of my kids is sick at school and I have to try to find someone to give me a ride to pick them up. Or when I'm cooking dinner and get distracted and I start a fire. Or when I'm showering and forget whether or not I've washed my hair so I start the whole process over again (I take really long showers now).

I could go on and on but again, I don't get frustrated.

Thanks, I do feel better!

:::: clicking my heels together :::: "there's no place like home", "there's no place like home"... dang it's not working... *Sigh* I guess it's back to the brownies lol :)

What you puttin' in those brownies Suzy and can I have some?

Make mine a double!

always has a way of relaxing the frustration!
how about using the men's bathroom instead of the ladies in Error, and then getting yelled at by the men! Can't I read the placard? No, I thought you fools were wearing skirts for a reason!

::::: throwing brownies around the room ::::: I won't guarantee they'll make you feel better... but they'll make you feel better :)

I'll vent. Might be the longest post every. :)

2/10/2012 is 4 weeks post craniotomy.
Still sitting around the house due to the blizzard and cold weather.

Left side is still pretty numb, left knee and below is really numb, pins and needles in foot and toes. Not sure if it will come back or not, everyone is hopeful, but not positive that it will. I'll survive if not.

Vision is still pretty messed up, makes it difficult to do much. Still learning my new left peripheral vision loss. Haven't hurt myself or anything else yet, but still frustrating. Poor kitties might learn to stay to the right of me.

Waiting for my hair to grow back out, wearing a hat all the time so people don't think I'm a nut case.

Wife started a new job right after my surgery, it's not going to last long it sounds, she's looking again already for something else. She's also had to take unpaid leave for some of my appointments since I cannot drive.

I've got 6 weeks planned on FMLA and really don't want to take the couple extra weeks I have because I'll need those hours for future appointments I'm sure through 2012. I don't want to use any of my Vacation time, I've used most of it anyway prior to surgery for everything leading up to it.

Friday (tomorrow) I find out how bad my vision is and go from there. Starting to get bored around the house, all alone during the day, nobody to talk to, nothing but crappy tv to watch and no movies I'd want to watch without my wife or kids. Internet is not much better, eyes eventually go nutty after trying to read the screens.

Tired of relying on my wife or other family to get me to doctors appts. Rode the bus last week to work just to figure out how it works and visit with my co-workers and friends. I don't miss the work, but I do my friends.

I'm very active and handy, plenty to do around the house, but cannot do to vision issues.

6 weeks off and can hardly do anything but eat and get fat. Very unproductive feeling.

Work is piling up, others cannot keep up the way I did on the job. Will take me forever and a day to get everything running smoothly again. (computer nerd for 100's of people)

I was a couple minutes late getting to my MRI appointment, I'm always way early for such things, but yesterday didn't work out with the wife and her new job.

Doesn't appear it mattered to the radiology department, they were running late too.

Took Three people Four tries to get a IV in me. One guy wasn't even wearing gloves, I should have punched him or something. When I asked about it, "My hands are clean" yeah right mister. Doesn't look like I'm getting any infections from it, lucky him. (5 years taekwondo, I can still kick with my numb left side!) I won't feel it.

Was over an hour late for the doctors appointment after radiology got done with making me a pin cushion.

Didn't get lunch because of radiology. My wife did find some soda's and chips for us when I got out.

On a positive note:

My MRI from yesterday was good, looks much better than before surgery, little to no Necrosis showing, my head doesn't feel like it's going to explode anymore. No more pain pills.

I'm off Keppra!

Hopefully some sunshine and new glasses will help my mood, tomorrow we'll see. (no pun intended)

Yes, I am completely stress-free now - psych!

I'm going to have to eat a Suzy magic-brownie. =)

I think you need ruby slippers - everybody has a spare pair of those!

throwing brownies is chocolate abuse...if you need any help with those, I'm here to assist.

I'm going to suggest a Suzy brownie =)

I'm sorry to hear, but it sounds like you're making progress.

It depends on what's in those Suzy brownies.

Anything you want. Cyber brownies...they are the best ;) By the way your post wasn't that long. Vent anytime...I especially liked the part where trying to get an IV in one guy wasn't even wearing gloves...I would of punched him and I'm a girl. lol Sorry about all you're going through but hey... obliterated is a good thing, right? :)


Funny story for you, Nicole...and this was pre-AVM burst - didn't know about the AVM, so I'll conveniently use that as my excuse for my dizwadiness.

I was at a hot yoga session. I just came from work, so I had to change.

I went to the restroom area to change - and didn't see a women's room - so I went into the one that was right there - trying to be laid back about it - it's yoga for heaven's sake - just go with it...I thought to myself.

I walked in and some guy was taking a shower...I bee-lined it to the sectioned-off comode area to change.

When I walked out, the shower-guy with towel around his waist was talking to some other guy.

"Weird how the restrooms here are unisex?" I said as-a-matter-of-factly, still trying to be all laid back about it.

The towel-wrapped guy said, "No, they're not."

I was speechless and horrified.

I walked out of the restroom and into the dojo where everyone was meditating in silence...except me - I busted out laughing as I was soooo embarrassed.

It sounds like it is time for a primal scream. Who wants to join in?? Aaaaaaugh! It will not make your problems go away but it may make you feel better for a little while!

Don't feel bad Julie, due to the fact that I neglected my teeth while going through my AVM removable and feeling weak and not being able to do to much of anything. Now I'm finding out that I will have high expenses with cost of dental work. I don't get worked up much anymore, I just try to stay positive things have a way of working out.

Obliterated and removed is a good thing. 99.5% of the pain is gone. .5% is just everything related to GK and surgery. (i hope)


That helps a little.

Teeth?? Dang, I knew I forgot something.