Finally pain free, but negative experience at nhnn

So, having had a headache from December till July, I have been pain free since July, which is great, I got back from the nhnn today after being there for 2 days and not seeing a single neurologist, I had loads of blood taken, 12 vials, and yet no one would tell me what they are testing fir, had to see a psychologist, again, no idea why, then had an mri, which I guess is a check up, but they have nothing yo compare the scan with! Has anyone else found this hospital to be a pretty rubbish experience? They also refused to lock ny belongings away while I went for ny mri and when I got back to ny stuff I found someone had sat on my bag and smashed ny phone screen, upon reporting this security told me they couldn't do anything but should call the police. Overall, I would rather not return there if possible.

Oh Sarah..I'm so sorry for this awful experience. Is there a better neuro hospital that you can move on to?

There are many hospitals in the US that would cause the same experience.

I'm so sorry.....Please keep us informed on the results from all the testing.

Sadly Louisa, I'm told this is the best in England, I'm getting to the point where I would pay to go abroad to be sorted once and for all,

Ahhh so sorry to hear this. Although I am glad to hear that you are now pain free.

Please, do keep us updated about your experiences.

Oh that would have peed me off fast quick and in a hurry!

Melissa, I am still less off about it, I will be making a complaint, 2 of the nurses were great, credit where it's due yo them, but the organization is terrible, and the fact that they wouldn't tell me what the blood tests were for is disgraceful. I have a right to know, before they are done. Not to be told that it's just a selection of tests. All of this could have been done at a hospital closer to home, without costing the nhs £400 to covet ny hotel and travel expenses. Disgraceful.

I'm hoping I will be allowed to see the results of the tests at least, but I will be writing a big complaint letter regarding the overall care and service of the hospital.