Facial swelling my

My mother is about 60 days out side of her surgery and tonight her face started swelling her doctor has not given gwe pain meds could this be the factor ed please let me know

Is your mom on any antibotics? Sometimes this is a bad side effect I know cipro does that to my mom-
If she is not on anything I would take her to ER- My face got swollen pre avm due to five blood clots in my brain-

She’s already had her surgery that’s why we are worried

I would for sure take her in to be seen by her neuro
Has she been laying flat?

How’s your mom? Facial swelling is sometimes a reaction to medication example prednisone. Just wanted to check in and offer support. I hope that this has passed

Still has a little bit of swelling we took her to the ER last night the doctors performed an CT and angiogram and said they were going to send it to the medical center where her surgery was performed but said everything looked ok I’m scared still though

Did they do an MRV by any chance? this type of MRIs looks at the veins this is how they found my blood clots
Is she having any additional head pain? How is her speech?

Make sure her head is higher than her heart
You can try a wedge pillow to help with this-
I had one after my stroke
Also make sure to get her up walking a bit a few times a day just around the house no stairs
I hope she is ok

They did a cat scan and an angiogram last night she’s said her head had been hurting her but the doctor hasn’t gave her any pain meds in awhile

She went to UT medical center Friday for another angiogram and a whole bunch of other test and they said her brain looked good! They’re still uncertain of the facial swelling and said they don’t know if it was the medications or not but her swelling is gone now I think it might be bc she is so headstrong and wants to get up and clean the house instead of just sitting around she works her self up and her body just isn’t ready for that yet but thank all of you for you’re feedback and prayers I truly love this blog/ organization it helped me through all the rough times I’ve had with my mom so thank you all!!