Took my mom to the dr to talk about treatment. Dr said she can not do the gamma radidation cause in her case it’s to complicated. But they can do an embolism. Can anyone explain what this is better. Dr explained it but not so sure I got this. My mom had decided not to have surgery at all :frowning:

I hope this link will help?
I think you meant embolization. I had 6 of then for my right temporal lobe 2009. It is an alternative procedurein some cases.
In my case I had surgery for the removal of avm afterwards. In laments term....basically a cathether( a device with camera imaging included with it) is inserted into your upper leg and it is routed into the brain. Much like a "roto router" There Doctor is able to see and inject a some kind of glue into the vessel therefore clogging it and preventing further bleed. This glue hardens and becomes permanent. Not sure if the plan is a removal of the avm for you. I will you good health and calm mind.

Hi Rosa. I copied this from another website...
Embolization (endovascular treatment):

A catheter is guided through a small cut in your groin to an artery and then to the small blood vessels in your brain where the aneurysm is located.

A glue-like substance is injected into the abnormal vessels to stop blood flow in the AVM and reduce the risk of bleeding. This may be the first choice for some kinds of AVMs, or if surgery cannot be done.

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