Dr. Lawton @ UCSF

For those of you that had the chance to work with him/ were treated by him, please share your experience ! I’d love to hear all about it! I’m meeting with him next week.

Monica, Dr. Lawton has treated so many here that you may wish to use the search box at the upper right to connect with his patients. I hope your consult goes well.

Monica, my aunt was treated by Dr. Lawton following her bleed several years ago. He performed her craniotomy, which was successful. I know she and her family thought very highly of him. I've spoken to him over the phone when I became part of a research study he was doing. He definitely is very knowledgeable and seemed very kind. I know he is regarded as very experienced in treating AVMs. Good luck!

He is doing my surgery next Tuesday. He knows his way around a brain. Google him or YouTube him.

Monica, Dr. Lawton did my crani for an avm above my right eye area. I found the neuro team at ucsf very good. Dr. Lawton is a top notch neurosurgeon. After six months I am doing fine with only minor short term memory issues. Dr. Lawton served me well. When I had my bleed and went to UCSF I didn't even know what an avm was, so ask a lot of questions, especially follow up care and access to him and his staff if you have questions or issues. UCSF has MYChart a online program with your medical record and the availability to email your Dr Directly. Best of Luck Rich


You seem to be getting very good advice thus far and I can only second the opinions. Dr. Lawton is a very caring, smart dr who takes what he does very seriously. Full disclosure: I know him because he is on my board of directors, but I have witnessed him interacting in survivor groups, and when you ask, patients cannot say enough good about him.

Best of luck!