Clicking inside your head

Hi All
Its been over a year since I had my AVM excision and my aneurysm clipped, and on the whole, apart from moods, tiredness, motivation etc I have been ok.
I am going for my final follow up MRI at the end of July so fingers crossed all should be ok.
I suppose I am like a lot of you, the slightest pain or something out of the ordinary you notice.
For ages now, I have had this "clicking" inside the Brain, nowhere near where I had my AVM on the left frontal lobe, that clicks, with the beat of my Heart.
It feels it is centred around the main artery from my neck into the Brain.
Sometimes if I shake my head it goes away, however at times its so noticeable to me that it drives me mad.
I thought it might be blood pressure, as I am on meds for hypertension.

Also on a more delicate and personal note, I sometimes get a pain in my Brain when I am having Sex, to the point where I have to stop and not continue, which is both frustrating for my Wife and I and very worrying.
Again, its nowhere near where my AVM was and can occur at the back, or on the right hand frontal lobe.
It concerns me that I am going to get this pain every time I have Sex, so I have refrained from that activity, which again puts unnecessary stress on my relationship.
Has any of you had these problems???

I hope our members have feedback for you, Stuart, but please report your symptoms to your neuro, just in case. I can't believe it has been over a year already -- it seems like it was just yesterday that you had surgery. Let us know what your doctor says, and whether you have a follow-up scan, which seems like it might be a good idea.


I agree with dancermom about discussing this with your neuro doc.

Although, after my cran, I had pain for many different reasons in my head.

But the best thing is to contact your doctor to discuss, just in case.

Stay Strong & Positive!

Hello Stuart. Yes, as the others have said, please go and see your Neurologist as soon as you can. As we know, it takes a long time for brains to heal and we never know what the reasons of different aches, noises, etc, are! Have a good talk to your Neuro and please let us know what happens. All the best Stuart.

Hi Stuart, Hope you find the answers to your questions here or with your Neuro/Doc. Keep us posted, I get "weird pains" since my AVM Removal but this is in the same place and I figure its just the brain adjusting to its new shape ? ... the headaches/sore eyes are still my only and worst symptom :( , Haven't even tried sex yet (Cranio 2 weeks ago today) but I find it tiring even sitting up and talking :( so not sure how much use I will be. I too have a slight fear of getting my heart rate up as my whole side of my head starts throbbing in time to my heart beat :( . Good luck, wishing you health and happiness :)