Burning pains in chest and back

Marcy. Since my avm and stroke was in my brain I didn’t have any trouble walking or talking. I do have burning and a tightness in my head, but not in my back or down my legs. Hope everything works out well for you

its been six years it took me 2 years to be able to walk a little even with a cane and normal people avoided me. so I just stay home in my wheel chair. don't give up like I have.

I, too, have the burning from the right side of chest wraps around my right side to the back and in recent years is now moving down right arm. My AVM was in 2009, I occasionally use a cane but try not to. I have pretty much lost use abd feeling in right hand. Over the past few years I have been seen by many specialist with no relief for the 24x7x365 pain. I have prescribed meds just as the other have mentioned including oxy and morphine. I have also tried injections to the pin area, no relief. I am praying rat the medical community will become more aware of this complication of the AVM. In the meantime I am working with my primary care doctor to gain an appointment with a nerve specialist here in a palm Springs, CA. otherwise, it’s waiting for advances in medicine and I’m not good at waiting when it comes to my health. Especially when I am driven by pain.

Hi, I have also had my AVM removed from my left temporal lobe...and I too sometimes have sharp pain on the side of my left breast and shoulder. I have had it checked out but they say nothing is wrong. Please advise on how your exams go... Thanks!

Hi, has anyone checked your spine for pinched nerves?? Just had x rays and am waiting for results. I use a cane all day.So, I am thinking my gait could cause pinched nerves.

Will do. Do you use a cane also?

Hi Marcy - this sounds awfully like gall bladder pain. Have you had a scan to rule out gallstones and similar?