Burning pains in chest and back

Does anyone walk with a cane as a result of AVM surgery and have burning and pain in chest and back? Several doctors have no clue as to what is wrong with me.

Hi Marcy my name is Fernando. I never got any back pains or chest pains,what I do get is pressure pains in my head & dizziness at times. My memory isn’t the greatest either.

You have anymore questions just ask.

Hi mercy, during recovery after AVM we all have some kind of curious sensations. it is due to the nerve damage caused by AVM or during surgery. Usually pain is a sense which prevent us from damage to the body. We try to avoid the situation when there is pain is involved. and this pain is passed to brain via nerves.Usually it is difficult to access the extend of nerve damage. it is like hammering a mobile phone and wonder why there are some white lines on the display.
Most of the time nerve damage is assessed with which part of the body is affected and how. In your case there can be a million ways to explain the burning sensation. and doctors don't want to jump in to a conclusion without a sufficient reason. so keep in touch with your doctors.
I had a spinal AVM four years back still I am getting abnormal reflex and numbness in my legs. you are lucky to have some minor symptoms and your doctors are confident about your health.

I do get burning sensations in my neck which is where most of my surgery was performed. My neuro believes it is due to spinal cord damage and neuropathy from the bulging AVM. I take lyrica for this and I also take pain meds and muscle relaxers.

Hi Marcy, yes I do get burning in my lower back and the center of my chest! I have been told my back is from nerve damage and in my chest it is most likely refered pain. I have never talked to anyone else who has had the chest pain I have so I’m guessing it’s rare. But you are in good company, where is your avm located? And where is the burning in your chest? How intense? Because mine at times knocks the wind out of me and can be quite scary. I see a pain managment specialist once a month and also have tried Lyrica, gabapentin, amitryptiline and baclofen none have worked for me. Hope your doing well.

I limp on my Left foot because of a small stroke I had during an embolization with a doctor who shouldn't be embolizing any AVM people. He is NOT one of the AVM specialists mentioned on this site. I also have burning pain at the site of my AVM on my left ear and scalp--even after one surgery the AVM pain is a constant burning pain. Seems like too much exertion, sleeping on that side, cold weather or even having the sniffles makes the pain worse. I'm sorry you are experiencing that pain.

I, too, walk with a cane and have the burning pain. I have been to several doctors who have treated me with pain meds. They do not work. My next step uisto see a nerve specialist.

I do walk with a cane now as result of AVM surgery and I also have a burning pain in my back. I tried many medication but it doesn't work and the doctor also have no clue.

Thanks for your reply. It has been 11 years since my surgery and I am just now having these burning sensations that keep me awake at night. Thanks again. Marcy

I know my problems are very minor compared to many. I am blessed. Thanks. Marcy

So similar!. Nerve pain everywhere, especially back spine. Starting to get cramps and weakness. I say many doctors in 2005 to 2010, all over this country, and they had no idea about my back pain. MRIs, CATs, xRays, chiropracters...not even a Neurologist could figure me out (I was sad & angry!). Angiogram after stroke discovered AVM. Hard for doctors to discover our disease, our symptoms show up nothing. Blood levels fine, muscle strength fine, heart, lungs, and skin healthy. I was on morphine for two years. Now on Lidoderm patches (2 only), Tylenol, gabapentin (neurontin) and Hydrocodon when really needed.

I quit my cane because other normal people avoided me. I may have to go back and use this cane for strength.

I'm sorry to read that your chest hurts too. Not comfortable right? At least we're not alone I guess, and these discusions help me. Thank you for your questions and thoughts!

I had the avm removed from my left temporal lobe 11 years ago. I have had this burning pain in chest, mostly above and sides of breast, and shoulder blade area, since May. It is worse at night.Pains are like labor pain, they start, then intensify and then ease off. They last for a minute or so. then they start over. Can last a few hours. Am going to see my neuro dr. soon.Where was your avm?

Is your pain in your back and chest? Maybe we are damaging ourselves with the overuse of the cane???

I am going to see my neuro dr. soon. I will let you know if I find out anything useful. Thanks, Marcy

Thanks for your comments.I get crazy pains too. And, it has been 11 years since my surgery!

Does it get worse at night?

Hi Marcy. Sorry to hear about the chest and back pains. All I can say is that I have an AVM and also had an Aneurysm. When the aneurysm bled it caused my whole spine to burn due to the acid in the blood burning my spinal cord. This lasted 1-2 days at a time and caused crippling pains in my back. This could also be caused by an AVM bleed.

I really hope this isn't the case with you and hope the doctors can sort this out for you.

Take care. Chris

Marcy, I do, I have vertigo (balance) problems caused by my AVM so use a cane to aid my stability so I won’t stumble and fall. I use a four prong base on mine to provide better support and have been using it since 2009. I believe that there must be swollen tissue in my right ear from the AVM placing pressure on the area inside my ear that controls vertigo. Lately it has been worse than ever. I do not like having to use the cane, but I am now on Coumadin blood thinner for life and cannot afford to fall and hit my head. Steve

I experiience pain in my upper back and shoulders from using the cane at times, but no burning in my chest. I also have former injuries from all my years serving as a Soldier so cannot tell what is causing a lot of my pain. I still trample daily with chronic pain despite taking MS Contin (morphine) every 12 hours. Steve