Black out with avm/gamma knife

Anyone experienced blacking out with their avm or after having gamma knife treatment????

I had a craniotomy, but I don’t remember anything of the first 6 weeks afterwards…not sure if that’s what you’re referring to…

Thank you for reply, my daughter has an avm in her brain and has recently had gamma knife surgey, she has become very dizzy and passed out the other day i was wondering if this was because of the gamma or just a symptom from her avm. I hope you are recovering well.

Could have been a seizure actually…I had a seizure condition resulting from my AVM. I would take her into your neurologist. They could do an EEG & see what’s going on…Is she taking anti-seizure drugs??

Hi there, yes this is what we are wondering. She isn't taking any medication at all. We have an appointment on Friday.

yeah, that’s probably it then. Weird they didn’t put her on anything…

I have constant head pain on the left side of my head where the AVM used to be (obliterated after GK sept 2009 but now have radiation necrosis). Sometimes the headaches get so bad that I pass out from them. It’s like a total system reset.

I’m usually not out for more than a couple minutes but it can take hours, sometimes days for the pain to ease back to more liveable levels. I’m getting better about identifying what sets off these ‘pain surges’ although sometimes its unavoidable (e. g. the noise and vibration of MRI really really hurts and I’ve passed out in the tube fairly often). I’ve also gotten better about pain management so it doesn’t happen so often anymore. The first few times it happened I ended up in neuro ICU. Now it’s more like ‘oh s&$)! I’m down the rabbit hole again, I guess I overdid it’ and my doctors usually don’t panic about it.

Hi Jessica, thanks for your reply, it's very interesting to read. My daughter has been told she more than likely has some swelling after the gamma and it didn't show on the CT scan but if she were to have a more intense scan it probably would. I think like yourself she did overdo things which led to the passing out. She has been told to take it easy (quite hard for her as she has her GCSE's coming up) and it should resolve itself.