AVM Walk

Hi Everyone, where can I get information on the AVM walk in San Fransisco? I want information on fundraising forms, hotels... all the info that I need. I have never looked into it before but I am really hoping to go this coming year.

Hi Emily. We made enquiries similar to yours going back more than 18 months ago, in the hope we could do the 2012 walk - similar response - NOTHING. Having to travel from the other side of the planet, we needed dates etc, and got nothing. The problems arise because its not run by AVMSurvivors.org.
So we are making our own way to San Fran in mid-March 2013 and hope to meet some local AVMers for a cuppa, and then driving to SoCal and hoping to meet some local AVMers there (perhaps in Disneyland!)
Hope you get some response to your query, but I hear the Painted Ladies (Alamo Square?) are reasonably cheap - try airbnb.
Good luck in your quest.

I just emailed TAAF - hopefully they will get back to me with some information :)
Thanks for your help Tony! :)

We moderators are trying to find out info for the members. As soon as we hear anything we will post it!