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Anyone here the child of a Vietnam veteran?

I just read something interesting that said that AVM is one of the conditions believed to be linked to exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. My dad was in Vietnam and is currently suffering from leukemia and recently had a brain tumor removed (both linked to Agent Orange exposure). Anyway, what I was reading was saying that people with birth defects linked to Agent Orange should make claims to the VA. The claims will probably be denied, but maybe in time, the VA will recognize the link, and we would get financial compensation.
So, anyway, I was just curious if anyone else here was the child/grandchild of a Vietnam veteran?

Good input Mary Kate!

Sadly, the VA in my opinion can seem to be the biggest bureaucracy ever........... I would concur that any AVM sufferer who's parent was a Viet Vet should make a claim. More importantly, if your parent is still alive, you need to have them document all the info they can about their time in service, from training to discharge. Where all they were stationed, what jobs they had, who some of their fellow servicemen were (who can collaborate testimony).

As a vet I can tell you that not everything that happens get documented, or if it was, records of it from 50 yrs ago can be lost or misplaced. For example, your main job might have been at one safe location, but on a short term mission, might have been in a compromised area. No one would have a record of that.

A good written account from the vet, with as much specific information as possible in my mind would be the minimum. I'd even try to videotape the vet's comments/description of agent orange exposure. If he was on the ground, a chopper or plane flying overhead could drop it on them and they'd not even know it. If he can document where he was on the ground and when, that would go a long way to prove a claim. Any pics that can prove location would help to.

In my opinion, if you are relying on gov't records to collaborate the claim, it would be a long road. Having good specific credible documentation should help.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS (USMC)

yea...I know the VA is a mess. Thanks for the good advice. My dad is goin through so much trying to get compensated for all his health problems, and those ones have a documented link to Agent Orange. So its doubtful anything will ever come through for me.

I was wondering the same thing!!! So I decided to check it out here and came across your post.I was with a few of my dads Vet friends this past weekend (It's been 25 years since I've seen any of them) when they found out about my AVM they begged me to check it out.My dad passed away in 2007 at the age of 59.He had cancer that was Agent Orange related.He also had problems with his ears and PTSD which he ended up getting 70% from the VA which was amazing in itself.My mom wants me to file because she believes it's agent orange related so thats what I'm gonna do.Thanks for the advice Ron and THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE..

One of the actions any of us trying to file a claim through the VA might try is to approach your congressional representatives. Most have offices in the major cities that they serve. If you can present your case in a clear, concise, calm manner that you are filing a claim with the VA and you would solicit their support in moving your claim forward through the system.

I would address a letter to The Honorable Senator _____________. Even though he will never see it, it adds power to your side. Some underling locally will do the research, and sign for the Senator, but it gets you one step forward I think.

Politicians will do anything for votes, and if they can help one of their represented, they count on that vote.

Best wishes,
ron, kS

That’s exactly what I’m doing but I’m going to see my state rep. Which is a friend if my moms.I have politicians on my side,my parents worked in politics for years.I’m also going to write letters,alot of them. I’m trying to see how many of us are out there.I’m sure there are plenty of us but maybe haven’t put 2 and 2 together yet.I’ll keep you posted.

Hi, I am an Air Force brat. My father was in Vietnam in 1963-64 during the "Police Action" as they called it back then. My father suffered from peripheral neuropathy, caused by Agent Orange. Lost the feeling in his feet up to his knees and lost the feeling in his hands to his elbows. suffer severe pain from the nerve endings dying off. He also lost a toe on each foot. We applied for disability through the VA. After three years he was finaaly given 100% disabilty. A long fight but don't give up. the finacial support you get you may need. We had to hire a live in aid to help. My dad ended up in a wheelchair, VA supplied, Hospital bed, VA supplied, needed a handicap ramp built, VA supplied. He also had to eat pureed foods. Sorry to say I lost my hereo March 6, 2008 at the age of 79. I had my AVM removed 1/13/12. I was 6 years old when my dad went to Vietnam. I miss him greatly.

I just came across your post, as someone said below, because I was curious and did a search for agent orange and avm. My dad served in the Air Force in Guam during the Vietnam era, and currently suffers from Parkinsons Disease. He has a pending claim with the VA to get the same benefit that would be afforded to him if he had served in the Republic of Vietnam, but apparently the government won't acknowledge that AO was present on Guam even though everyone basically knows it was. I'm not in need of any benefit for myself since I am thankfully expected to make a full recovery from my AVM bleed which happened in August, but now I am wondering if what happened to me could somehow help his case.

My daddy was never in Vietnam and I have one, so I don't think it would be connected. But I guess it could be possible.

Mary Kate, I am just curious where you found this information out? My father was also a vietnam vet.


I too was wondering the same thing. My dad served in vietnam and I had a large AVM in my lower calf. It has now been reduced in size due to surgical removal and the pain is alot less than it was but i was told it will come back over time because they could not remove it all due to the location of the AVM. I did always want to know if there was a link to agent orange and my AVM because there is no history of AVM in my family.