Another Knee Replacement Ramble

Hi. I had a total knee replacement in June. I had AVM craniotomy years ago. Do you think new headaches (I was lucky and did not have many headaches after AVM) that are occurring now constantly, and longer than usual resolution of new knee could be related, or am I being dopey? The surgeon turned out to be a jerk, and thinks I am pill seeking when I am hurting. My knee is a mess and now I have headaches. Should I ask the neuro? PT is torture and I do it 3 times a week, plus at home. Could having homonymous hemianopsia (blind, both eyes, center to left, inluding down) which I have as a result of the AVM make rehab harder especially regarding balance and falling? I am also depressed again, hiding, anxious, etc. Help.


Hi Beans. I have missed you and wondered how you were doing. My elderly Mom had it done a few years ago. She said for a solid 6 months that she was in agony! Then after that it slowly started to improve. Have faith that things will improve. I will PM you later!