Angiogram in the books

Angiogram was performed. And not only is the AVM completely gone, but they looked to make sure there was no evidence of any other malformations. There was NONE. FInally some good news to end 2014!!
The Dr believed that Scott would not need another angiogram for 2 years.
Bring on 2015!

Yay for this discussion posting. Indeed, it is a very Merry Christmas for your family!

so glad fir you all, have a wonderful christmas

Yippy! If you don't mind me asking, do doctors do repeat angiograms if AVM is deemed gone? I'll have one in August or September of 2015. I was just wondering. I've had radiation treatment. So that will make the 2 years since last radio treatment. Hate this waiting game.

That is fantastic news, Danijo.....Go Scott, you will heal day by day!

What a lovely way to end the year, Danijo. Next year will be even better!

Congrats! A wonderful Christmas for all!

hey right on dude sounds like a miracle to me. That is awesome news. I was just thinking that maybe mine will be gone when they do my angiogram. I girl can pray...