Aneurysm: non reassuring study

Hi I have an aneurysm that "might" be associated with my avm that was treated last year. It's very small and my doctor recommended waiting a year for a check on it. This new study claims that size is not an important factor in rupture risk. Small size has been the ONLY thing that comforts me during this wait. It sounds like small aneurysms rupture much more frequently than I ever knew. Please help :( has anyone read this study? it says about 20% of small aneurysms rupture. My surgeon told me 0.02% chance per year. what do I believe????? I feel like my chances of dying just skyrocketed....And treating this thing seems so risky too.

Hi Dee. If you can afford it…get a second opinion. I can tell you we have many older members on here whose AVMs have never bled. I personally believe that the doctors have no idea why some rupture and others do not. There just are not enough of us to do an accurate long term study.
Even if the worst case scenario happens…you can survive and thrive after a bleed. I am a perfect example of that fact!

Thank you Barbara :) I guess I'm especially worried because aneurysm ruptures often cause death while AVM ruptures often don't. I'm in a unique situation having both :/ I know that some people survive aneurysm ruptures but it's very very very rare. Many sources state that there is a low risk for small aneurysms and this study blows that theory to smithereens. I used to think aneurysm ruptures were generally uncommon. But then I had an AVM rupture which is even more uncommon. I feel so hopeless as I was starting to accept my situation before reading this study. Thank you for your response!!! Bless you.