A New Brain Bleed

Hello, I'm Hannah Rushing, when I was 11 I had an AVM that ruptured in my right frontal lobe. A year later I had the gamma knife procedure and it heal my AVM!!! I am now 19 and have been thinking about something lately. Since I had an AVM, but it is gone now, do I have a greater risk of another brain bleed if I hit my head by accident or do I have the same risk as a normal person?

Hi Hannah. Since your brain was still developing at age 11…have you had a recent angiogram/MRA to verify the AVM has not regenerated? That would be the only reason I would be concerned. I had just turned 30 when mine bled and my brain was done developing. Otherwise, I can tell you that I have fallen/ hit my head a few times over the last 28 years( wow…I got old) and I never had another brain bleed. BTW…try not to hit your head if you can because it hurts. LOL.

Hi Hannah. It’s my opinion that you have no greater risk than anyone else. That being said, I’m not a Dr. And a Dr would probably cover himself too. If I was given the all clear, then I would live my life as such. If I had a fear/hunch/whatever, the angiogram/MRA is very reliable. What ever you do is the right call for you. Remember that you are not a statistic. You’re a whole lot more :slight_smile:

Obviously hitting your head is not recommended regardless lol, however if the AVM has been removed I’ve been told by my doctors I’m no different to anyone else and we can live normal lives… I will say I had mine removed via surgery and I’m very cautious as the area sometimes hurts BUT I have hit my head good a few times & am ok… God bless!