Today’s the anniversary of my daughter’s second birth-day. Four years ago, we had no idea what an AVM was, or a brain injury for that matter.

This picture was taken four years ago today. It was right after the first of three craniotomies. It was right after she lost much of her vision. But she beat phenomenal odds to stay with us and start a new life.

She’s a smart, brave and tenacious little girl. Today brings difficult memories for me, but I will always be thankful for my miracle girl.
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Send us a recent picture of Rose feeling good, Tina. I want another image of her in my mind besides seeing her in a hospital bed.

I hope her pain is finally starting to recede!

I added a newer one. She wanted her hair dyed, so we did some bleaching (away from the scarred area).

She is beautiful.

Thanks, Tina! She's a sweetheart.

Awwwe..your daughter is so "precious" -- a brave, beautiful angel!!! As are YOU too Tina for all that you both have had to persevere thru! Bless you both!!!