Where to stay

Hello everyone! We are headed to Little Rock the end of May. Bryse has his surgery and will need to stay for a week. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on where to stay?
Thanks for your help!

I’m sorry I don’t have any information about where to stay in Little Rock specifically, but there are a few resources that might be helpful. One, many hospitals have lists of nearby hotels and so on that have medical rates, shuttles, and so on. Another great resource that I found recently is Joe’s House, an organization was set up to help cancer patients find lodging - but they will work with any patient:

I’ve actually had better luck in recent years using hotels.com or priceline instead of booking a medical rate. It’s really hit or miss. One thing you probably will want is to be as close to the hospital as you can get.

Editing to add: Little Rock has a Ronald McDonald house.

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Have the Dr ofc (or social worker there) call Ronald McDonald house and make a reservation for your family to stay there. They are an amazing organization that will charge you very little per day (& usually provide transportation to/ from hospital and provide dinner) so you could stay close to your child. My family has used them in 3 different locations so far, and it’s been a great experience.