When it is safe to get pregnant after a uterine AVM

Hello Everyone,
I bit of background on myself. I lost my son at 16 weeks back in Nov 2015. I was then diagnosed with a uterine AVM after I would not stop bleeding and the ultrasound showed a highly vascular avm. I bled for almost two months straight and got one blood transfusion. Before being discharged, I begged my doctor to give me a shot of Depot Lupron as studies have shown that this medication helps to stop the bleeding long enough for the AVM to resolve.
I was scheduled to have a uterine artery embolization Jan 27 2016, but an ultrasound three weeks prior showed improvement in the size and vascularity of my AVM. One week later I stopped bleeding all together. One week after that another ultrasound showed that my AVM had resolved...

Now the problem is, because I was the one who did most of the research and my doctors had NO IDEA how to treat me, they are now at a loss on when I can actually conceive again. Its frustrating to me as I feel like I am paying them to treat me when in reality I am the ony giving them ideas on how to help me.

I cannot find anything on when it is safe to get pregnant again! One doctor wanted to treat me as if I had a C-section, but a C-section and an AVM are nothing alike! I want to try as soon as possible but I also do not want to try too soon.

SOOOO....Does anyone have any information from their doctors on how soon a woman can conceive after a uterine AVM? Or has anyone conceived after a spontanous resolution of a uterine AVM?, and if so, how soon?

Thank You!

Hi jessica.
i am sorry to hear of your loss which must have been very hard for you. i do not have a uterine avm but have one on my face. my understanding is that avm do get bigger during pregnancy which may have been why they were able to pick up your avm at this time. they are also known to get smaller when no longer pregnant so it could be that it may not have been picked up on ultrasound. if there are even a few abnormal vessels left they will likely grow again during another pregnancy so a more detailed angiogram would be beneficial before you try for another baby in my opinion so history does not repeat itself. that way they could embolise anything that may still be there and future pregnancies may be safer. that said i am no xpert on this type of avm and there are many ladies on here who have had successful pregnancies with uterine avms. i had my avm in my face embolised and removed before i had my daughter which made it much safer. good luck hun xxx

Thank you for your reply. This was my second pregnancy and this issue never happened during my first. They think it developed because I had a D&E this time around. My ultrasound showed everything was normal. Im staying away from any embolization at this moment because of thier probablity of causing infertility.
I spoke with a doctor with some experience in these and my symptoms were not genetic, which would cause an issue in all pregnancies.
Right now they are calling it resolved, but none of my doctors seem to know where to go from here which is the frustrating part.

I had a ruptured avm 2 weeks after my c section to deliver my baby in July 2013… They did an embolization , after 2 MRI’s they have cleared me to conceive again while being closely watched by the specialists at Yale.
So sorry for your loss :frowning: