What sort of doctor I will be

I am overjoyed to report that I have been accepted to the University of Calgary Internal Medicine program! I will learn to help the sickest of the sick through the worst times of their lives (sounds familiar anyone?). I absolutely can't wait! One small surgery to go and I'll be on my way! Thank you for your support!

Take care,


Congratulations Vera! We need a great doctor and you will be the best!

That’s awesome news Vera. No matter what your field, we know you shall always be the compassionate empathetic person you are

CONGRATS TO YOU!!! :slight_smile:

Congratulations Vera, what a wonder Doctor you will be!!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments:)

Congratulations! I have no doubts that you will be the best kind of doctor…one that cares about her patients!!!

Congratulations! If you are asking for recommendations, how about PMR, focusing on traumatic brain injury…

Congrats;) You are going to be a GREAT doctor!!! A doctor who really knows what someone is going through not just through a text book!!! Thats the best kind of doctor.The hospital is VERY lucky to have you.Good luck with your surgery;)

Thanks so much!! I couldn't have kept going without so much support!

Take care!

And yes, PMR could be very neat! Neurology in general is very cool!